app overview


extend all tangled and millix services to iphone and android devices without incurring silver bullet risk of cancellation from the apple or google app platforms.


the mobile ecosystem is controlled by monopoly operators enforcing authoritarian policy. app publishers pay commission on commerce and conform to the platform's speech restrictions or are canceled from the platform. the interpretation of the platform's policies are subjective and the enforcement has no recourse.


publish an app that has no inherent content nor commerce, but provides a guided path to content and commerce. the app is simply an internet browser with a home page that is configured by each user. if the Tangled app is canceled from the app stores, abandon the app platforms and self publish for android only.

the pages presented below are not native to the app, they are hosted pages served to the browser as any normal page. the elements shown on the dashboard predominantly link to hosted tangled social and wallet pages. the core browser is based on the open source chromium project.


below is the default page that loads when the app has not been connected to a tangled account is included with the compiled app build:


everything presented below is to be built by tangled social front end developers and is hosted and served as pages. the pages are not included in the compiled app but are accessible via the browser function.



the app dashboard is accessible at any time by clicking the tangled icon near the address bar. the dashboard provides a personalized summary of tangled related activity, settings and navigation into tangled modules.



widgets contain predefined pieces of information, predefined links or user defined links. an unlimited number of widgets can be defined and accessed by swiping. the last defined widget is always followed by a blank widget that can be configured.


friends & follows

a list of users and groups that you follow is presented and scrolls, the sort order is configurable by the user. tapping a user loads their standard tangled social profile page.


when the dashboard is open and a payment, comment or engagement occurs, it is detailed in the alert section and increments the counter of the notification icon. it is accompanied with a animation underlay that spreads across the page.


ads in the tangled app work the same as in the tangled browser. they pay to the address associated with the connected tangle account. when the ad is clicked it fires a notification as shown below.