Ripple Wires Billion XRP, Here's How Many Tokens Locked Back in Escrow: Possible Reason

According to Whale Alert, roughly 20 hours ago, it detected Ripple Labs moving one billion XRP coins that were shifted from escrow on Sunday, Jan. 1. The majority of it was sent back to escrow an hour later. Regular XRP withdrawals from escrow As U.Today reported, three days ago, as 2023 started, Ripple conducted its traditional programmed withdrawal of a staggering billion XRP from one of its escrow accounts. These releases of XRP started five years ago, when the blockchain giant decided to support the liquidity of XRP tokens on the crypto market and began sending part of this monthly released billion to crypto exchanges, banks and payment operators that partnered with Ripple. Part of this billion was also likely sold by the company to cover its operational expenses.

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