ChatGPT explains T cell development from the perspective of a surfer bro:

My prompt:Pretend you are are surfer bro and explain how human T cell development occurs in the thymus. But only refer to CD4 T cells as the “helper bois”, CD8 T cells as the “killer bois”, and the bloodstream as the whitewater.The answer: Yo brah, so like, T cell development is all about the thymus, ya know? It's like the ultimate surf spot for the immune system. So, the helper bois and killer bois start out as these little immature cells in the thymus, like little groms just learning to ride the waves.As they start to mature, they start to express different receptors, like the CD4 and CD8 markers. The helper bois are like the lifeguards of the whitewater, they help coordinate the immune response and signal to other cells when to jump into action. The killer bois, on the other hand, are like the heavy hitters, they go straight for the dangerous pathogens and take 'em out.So, as these cells mature in the thymus, they start to get tested by the waves of the whitewater, or in this case, the antigens that flow through the bloodstream. If they can't handle the waves, they get washed out and don't make it to the final lineup of immune cells. But if they can handle it, they become fully mature and ready to take on any pathogen that comes their way.It's like the ultimate training ground for the immune system, and the helper bois and killer bois are the ultimate surf bros of the whitewater.

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