XRP a security? What the Schwartz-Satoshi skirmish reveals about Ripple

“Bitcoin cannot ever be adopted by institutional investors until the system is able to be recovered under a legal court order.”

This recent statement by Dr. Wright is a truism to anyone who understands the legal concepts of property and the concerns of legitimate institutional investors when considering the status of digital assets.

It was somewhat predictable, then, that the Ripple/XRP crowd took it as a personal attack. One of these people was David Schwartz, Ripple’s CTO:

"This is so dumb for so many reasons. Why are "institutional investors" the target market for peer-to-peer digital cash? And which jurisidictions should have their court orders respected?"

Read More: https://coingeek.com/xrp-a-security-what-the-schwartz-satoshi-skirmish-reveals-about-ripple/

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