Dogecoin Notable Exception As DOGE Outlives 91% of Cryptocurrencies Created in 2014: New Research

However, the research notes that DOGE survived and was able to carve out its own niche in the market.

To come to this conclusion, CoinKickoff compiled 10 years worth of data on 2,400 defunct crypto assets found on dead coin tracking service Coinopsy and then compared them to CoinMarketCap’s yearly snapshots of each asset.

“According to our data, 91% of coins established in 2014 eventually died due to low trade volume or abandonment. With the notable exception of meme currency Dogecoin, many opportunistic attempts to corner the early crypto market ended in failure.”

Dogecoin is changing hands for $0.086 at time of writing and currently sits as the ninth-ranked crypto asset by market cap.

The research also shows that about 75% of tokens created in 2014 are completely defunct and are no longer in circulation while only 16 digital assets have been abandoned since 2020.

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