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💥Welcome to g/AIArtists! A community focused on the generation and use of visual, digital art using AI assistants such as Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, and DALL·E 2. All art from any AI engine is welcome here.
Post your artwork, questions, and thoughts about AI art.

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Writing And Text-based Conversational AI Tools
⭐ChatGPT and GPT-4 – Jack of all trades and the perfect starting point for text based AI tools.
⭐ – AI based content writer for blogs, social media and newsletters.
⭐Copysmith – Focused on product and commerce, can provide specific product descriptions.
⭐editGPT – Easily proofread, edit, and track changes to your content in chatGPT.
⭐Jesper – Quick and fast content writer.
⭐Markcopy – AI writer tool focused on SEO.
⭐Quillbot – AI based paraphraser, plagiarism checker and more.
⭐Rytr – Writing assistant.
⭐Simplified – Marketing focused writer with the free AI copywriting generator.
⭐Wordtune – Describe your thoughts and tool sophisticatedly rewrites them.

AI Design Tools
⭐ – Creates professional looking product photography with AI
⭐ – Creates text, video, logo, mockup, social media posts and voiceover.
⭐Magician for Figma – Figma addon which creates icons, text and image
⭐Pebblely – AI based product photography and placement tool.
⭐ – Product imagery with integration to e-commerce platforms
⭐ – All around design tool for non-designers and anyone interested.

AI Generated Images
⭐Dall-E 2 – Latest image generator from Open AI, which is one of the most capable tool in this vertical.
I⭐Mage Creator from Microsoft Bing powered by Dall-E – Bing integrated AI tools developed by Open AI.
⭐Midjourney – is one of the big three text-to-image model in current AI field. Can be used on their Discord server.
⭐Stable Diffusion – One of the most popular deep learning, text-to-image model in the field.
⭐Adobe Firefly – Generative AI tool integrated in all Adobe products, developed by Adobe.
⭐Canva Text to Image – Canva’s step into image generation.
I⭐Magen – a text-to-image diffusion model created by Google.
⭐Make-A-Scene – is a multimodal generative AI method by Meta.
⭐NVIDIA Canvas – uses AI to turn simple brushstrokes into realistic landscape images.
⭐AI Image Generator – an image generator by Shutterstock.
⭐Runway – Easily creates an image from scratch by entering descriptive text.

Stable Diffusion Based Tools
⭐Alpaca – Stable Diffusion Photoshop plugin.
⭐Diffusionbee – Stable Diffusion based stand alone macOS app. And it works offline.
⭐ – Stable Diffusion search engine
⭐Lexica Aperture – Generates photorealistic images.
⭐The Stability Photoshop Plugin – Works in Adobe Photoshop using Stable Diffusion and Dall-E together.

Color Palettes
⭐Colormind – is a color scheme generator that uses deep learning.
⭐ColorGPT – Generating color name captured from real-world using AI
⭐Huemint – uses machine learning to create unique color schemes for your brand, website or graphic
⭐Khroma – The AI color tool for designers

Photo Editing
⭐Clipdrop – AI design tool which has many tools; text and background remover, image upscaling, cleanup, and more.
⭐Colorizer – Old image restoration by colors, quality, retouching and repair.
⭐Facet AI – can refine, auto mask, and batch edit images.
⭐ – Colorize images freely and without sign up.
⭐Photoroom – can handle simple tasks such as removing, blurring backgrounds and retouches.
⭐Restore Photos – Old image restoration.

Background Remover
⭐BG.Eraser – Background and object eraser.
⭐bgsub – Automatically replaces the background with other images.
⭐ – Free background remover.
⭐Green Screen AI – Changes the background of an image.
⭐Hama – Erases people or objects from an image.
⭐Remove bg – Free and automatic tool.
⭐Unfake.png – Detects fake PNG files and remove the fake grid layout.
⭐Visio Stuido – Self-claimed advanced background removal tool.

Image Enlarger
⭐AI. Image Enlarger – Image enlarger and enhancer tool.
⭐bigjpg – Increases the resolution of images.
⭐Let’s Enhance – Automatic AI editor to increase image resolution without losing quality.
⭐Upscale – is a free tool to upscale and enhance images
⭐Vance.AI – Free and online image upscaler

Video Producing-Text-to-Video
⭐ Builds customized AI videos with a presenter without using a camera, studio and a green screen, offers limited free plan.
⭐Fliki – Turns text into videos with AI voiceover.
⭐Gen2 – is a successor of Gen1 and both of them free to use by credits. After these credits exceeded it directs users to paid plans. It is commonly recognized as one of the best in the text-to-video models.
⭐Hour One – turns text into video, featuring virtual presenters, automatically, offers free-trial.
⭐Movio – Turns text into spokesperson video by typing and clicking.
⭐Pictory – Marketing focused AI video tool comes with free trial.
⭐Synthesia – creates videos from plain text, but it only provides paid plans although it’s popular and successful.
⭐Synths Video – Article-to-video creator
⭐Rephrase AI – convert texts into videos, and it can turn blog posts into videos with GPT-4 integration. Only paid plans available.
⭐Visla – Visla is an all-in-one video storytelling platform that uses AI-generated content and features to help teams create high-quality videos quickly and efficiently.

Motion Capture
⭐Plask AI powered motion capture animation tool
⭐Rokoko video – Free AI motion capture
⭐Xpression Camera – Creates a real-time generative avatar for you to use in video chat and livestream.

Video Editor
⭐Descript – Video and audio editor, soon it will offer GPT-4 integration, has free plan.
⭐Invideo – simplifies video creation with ready-made templates.
⭐Lumen5 – branding and marketing focused video editor and creator, offers free plan.
⭐Perfectly Clear Video – Enhances the videos and automatically fine-tunes the colors.
⭐Unscreen – Background remover for videos and GIFs.
⭐ – marketing focused easy video production tool.
⭐Wisecut – Automatic video editor which offers free trial.