If #yomamma was a chipmunk
Chimp meets pup!
Goat yoga 😂❤️🐐
HUGE Fluffy Penguin 🐧
inspiration to every scifi film in the last 10 years lol

in this video: a spectacular mass of juvenile striped eel catfish appearing like one giant animal, 

A daunting sight for predators, in this undulating dense entity, the vulnerable protect each other until each is mature and independent.
Cute little piggies 🐷
The size and SPEED of a moose in 1 METER of snow
Everything in its right place ❤️🦌
This fish may be nature’s greatest artist
Yoga chicks be like...
female Shizuka 🐦
Be kind to animals 💕

Kindness is only thing can feel others safe with you convert the angry to the happiest one
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Fisherman catches 67-pound goldfish

Link: https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/fisherman-catches-giant-goldfish-carrot-scn/index.html
Georges Rousse creates street art animals, he said his crocodile painting is one of his favorites.

A fish in a drop of water on a lotus leaf.
The Dumbo Octopus (Grimpoteuthis)

This little guy can be found really, really deep in the ocean. By deep, I mean 7000 meters deep. He's not called the Dumbo Octopus because of his intelligence, either. He uses his ears to swim. Why does this guy make the list? Because he's kind of cute, despite being used to swallowing his victims whole. No need to worry, he's only about 20 centimeters long, full grown. Scientists don't know all that much else about him.
10 Oldest Living Creatures On Earth