Endure and Survive the offseason. We're almost there.
One of the funnier parts of the Blue Jays 2023 renovations is the heckling nightmare that the raised bullpens might create for visiting pitchers
I think Scott Rolen will be announced as a Hall of Famer today

So as the post says, I think Scott Rolen might be getting announced as a Hall of Famer later today:

I did some searching on the Hall of Fame website and was looking at Fred McGriff's HOF page which has this url: https://baseballhall.org/hall-of-famers/mcgriff-fred...
Fun Fact: Daulton Varsho was born 9 months and 1 day after his dad Gary's final MLB game
Can’t love this guy enough.
Rarity of events in MLB games

Today, the #Angels announced that the Moreno Family is ending the exploratory process to sell the team and will continue ownership throughout the 2023 Season and beyond.

MLB logos that work when flipped horizontally
Coors Field after a snow storm
The good old days when WAR was irrelevant lol
My favorite image of the 2022 season
This would have been a home run with the new SkyDome dimensions.
Change leftfield to portfield and rightfield to starboardfield

Players and fans have different vantage points based on their position around the field, and it's ridiculous of have the left fielder be the furthest outfielder to the right from his POV.

Maybe centerfield should be bowfield to establish that direction as well.
Jeff Passan really went there
Winning percentage in World Series games over the last 50 years.
The logo for the Puerto Rican Winter League depicts Roberto Clemente hitting his 3,000th hit superimposed on the flag of Puerto Rico and his uniform number 21
The size of Dodger Stadium parking lot. It fits 10 stadiums.