This 74-year-old man plays Pokémon go on 64 phones rigged to his bike. Chen San-Yuan, a Taiwanese grandfather, was introduced to the game in 2016 by his grandson.
Dragon fruit farms at night in Vietnamn, near Saigon.
Salt Pools - Siwa Oasis, Egypt
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- 50 degrees in Yakutsk, Russia
Sad mama dog reunites with her lost puppies. A dog mama named Cora ended up in a shelter after her owner had taken her babies away from her. Depressed, she wouldn’t move away from a corner, so The Marin Humane Society tracked down Cora’s puppies and reunited the family
Amazing rainbow clouds
Lake Louise, Banff, Canada.
Black Sapphire grapes. A black seedless grape that is widely grown and harvested in the Middle East. they are very sweet and tasty.
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