Am I irrational for not wanting to use my personal credit card while on company travel?

I'm a relatively new employee, and going on business travel soon for the first time. I applied for my company credit card, but its not guaranteed it will be here before I leave. Most people are saying, "Don't worry, just use your personal card and then you will be reimbursed later." 

The card would be used for hotel and rental car. Airfare is covered under a separate business account. I really, really don't want to use my personal credit card for this. Even if it will be...
I can't get over the fact that I didn't get the job

I applied to a barista job and within 2 hours they contacted me for an interview. The interview went smooth, she asked if I wanted to work for a day to see what it's like, which I agreed to.

While I am there I get told to clock in as "guest" meaning no salary, for 9 hours.  The girl who was in charge of me constantly complimented me and said that I did a good job. As someone who has already been a barista I noticed that some workers had quiet some flaws, so I thought to myself that I should have no issue...
How are we only supposed to have 10 PTO days?

Only 10 days??? What if I want PTO to tack onto a long weekend? Or go to Europe in the summer? Or to have any kind of Christmas break later in the year? Or just a random PTO day for mental health?

Location: America. Obviously.
I cried during my first job interview

A few days ago I had a job interview at a company that I've always wanted to work for as a software engineer. This was my first job interview and I was very nervous.

There was a 3 hour long technical interview which I studied very hard for and long story short I  apparently  did really well even though I didn't think I did because despite answering most of the questions there were a few that I couldn't answer that I felt like I should've been able to....
I didn't come close to meeting the minimum requirements for 2/3 of the last jobs I landed an interview for. Friendly reminder to apply despite the crazy minimum reqs

I hate the way the system works. But always apply if you think you could do the job!
My boss asked me to commit a federal crime - what do I do?

Yesterday the business I am a manager at received a counterfeit $20 bill. My general manager told me to keep it in the safe and give it back as change next time someone pays with a $100 bill. This is a federal crime. Using counterfeit currency with the intent to defraud an individual. This request goes against our company's established protocol. The request was made in an office with audio recording. I'm obviously not going to give it to someone but this isn't the first time he's asked me to do something legally...
Why are we going back to the office after 3 years of successful remote work?

My team and I have been working remotely and it has been a huge success. Productivity is going great and we also get to have a decent work-life balance. 

My boss lets us work remotely as much as we want, as long as we get our work done....
Today I left my job of over 10 years.

Last week I was called into my bosses office and I was shocked what I was told, someone called in and complained that I was listening to Michael Jackson at work. Yes you heard that right. I work in construction, I have a portable Bluetooth radio that I listen to music, and I had some Michael Jackson playing on my phone. It wasn’t because the noise was loud, it was because I was listening to an artist. I was told by my boss that I am not allowed to listen to a certain artist because this upset this particular person. I left my job today. Screw that I...
ex-employer really wants to know where i'm going

resigned from my job a month ago. on that call, my director asked me to name the company where i'm going. i told her i didn't want to share that information. proceeded to say that it's a step up in my career and chatted a bit about how it's a step up in my career.

a few more people asked after that. on my last day, HR asked during my exit interview. each time, i gave the same answer....
Use your ***king PTO

It is ingrained in most of us that we need to be productive at all times. Society frowns on the able man who does no work for a full day.

As free-thinking and free-living individuals we must allow ourselves time of leisure. This time of relaxation is what allows for real productive thought and abstract inspiration. This time may not directly benefit your organization but it does directly benefit the individual....
Boss has decided that I need to travel to an office which is 100 miles away, is this taking the biscuit or a am I being a Gen Z Snowflake here?

So for context my work has opened this new shiny office that no one uses so managers are being pushed to coerce staff into coming in. 

Now my local office is 20 miles away (25 minute drive) and I go in 3 days a week. 2 days I work home remotely. But now I have being asked to attend this new office at least once a week which is a 200 mile round trip and 4/5 hours depending on traffic. Attendance is compulsory....
Job hunting rant: I don't fill out assessments unless the job pays 70k or higher.

I applied to 3 jobs in an hour, and within minutes of applying I was on their 'short lists,' and then was asked to participate in  assessments. 

Job 1: 12 min assessment...
I am blown away

My daughter(22F) works for a lady who runs a cleaning company. From what I gather she has about 3 employees who clean and one person who schedules who is outsourced. 

Yesterday, my daughter came home and told me something so disturbing. She said yesterday she got to a client's house and the lady told her that her mom had died on Christmas. My daughter offered her condolences, etc and then the client said the thing is she (the deceased mom) was still there because the coroner/funeral home hadn't come yet because of the holiday....
Who you got?