Denver to citizens: "Sidewalks must be cleared down to the pavement or we will promptly fine you" Denver to its parks department: "Thank you so much for trying your best"
Littleton library closed due to meth contamination now.
TIL about: Barrel Man, real name Tim McKernan, was a superfan of the Denver Broncos. In all types of weather for 30 years, he attended every home game at both Mile High Stadium and INVESCO Field at Mile High
From the top of Red Rocks amphitheater.
Go fuck yourself if you have mobility issues and want to walk in Aurora I guess 🤷🏿‍♂️
Ah yes, the navigable waterway that is the Platte flowing through what is obviously downtown Denver
Seriously, what is going on with eggs? I bought a pack of 18 for $9.00 last night
PSA: Please wipe the snow off the top of your car

...If I can as a 5' tall woman so can you. No need to cause extra issues out there.

Edit: and yes I have a SUV
My buddies and I are opening a plant shop/bar in five points in a few weeks and I just finished up this mural for it!
My sister knocked it out of the park with my gift this year
Southwest Baggage Claim

Denver Southwest Baggage Claim

I am one of the thousands of people who are stuck in this Southwest Airlines mess. I live South of Denver and my family (husband and toddler) had a flight out Xmas eve. After 13+ hours at the airport we never made it out. We checked our bags but our plane never left. Supposedly our bags are on the tarmac with thousands of others. We have waited in lines for over 10 hours. We have been on hold for over 12 hours....
Pretty much
epic hold out