The perfect sponsorship doesn’t exi….oh.
Max Trollma
In 2007, a man that spoke broken English showed up to the Masters with his clubs actually thought that his practice round badge allowed him to play a practice round at Augusta National
So true
I got paired up with Ramathorn at Madera. Enhance

He could really swing the wrenches.
Finally got a shot tracer app!
From the creators of Formula 1: Drive to Survive, Full Swing is coming to Netflix, February 15.
I was with Rory and he had a message for our boy u/inaaace
I take my dog golfing with me. She doesn’t bark, chase balls, or run free on the course. She sits in the cart, enjoys the ride and waits for me to get back in after every shot by continually laying in my seat. Is this acceptable or not?
Another year, same copy cat.
What’s your opinion on bringing back the style of fashion to golf?
Got paired with a guy that has a leaf blower attached to his push cart
According to their scorecard this group shot an Ace on a par 4, 1 albatross, 4 eagles and the rest birdies.
Someone show this to the guy who thinks a male scratch player would win LPGA events
Patrick Mahomes gifted his linemen each a full set of Taylormade clubs.
Okay.. which one of you lost this on the course today?
Stingers, but each shot gets increasingly lower
John Daly Warm Up Routine
Joey Cold Cuts Melting Down For 16 Minutes