Son accurately recreates his dad’s modeling photos and now everyone wants to know who his dad is
When life goes fair
Best cake ever!
This sparks joy!
Mr Beast just helped 1000 blind people see again....
This special public transport system for blind people in the UK
What an amazing father
Coming together to create a banging song
Mad respect to both of them
The Best Part Of Long Distance Relationship GIF by ratihes | Gfycat
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I know its a show that is meant to be for comedy but this scene is so heartwarming they I had to post it here.
LEGO donated $3000 worth of Duplo to a children's home I volunteer at.
I'm MtF, and today is officially one year on hormones! Life is so much brighter now
Alcoholism vs sobriety. Today marks 1,000 days sober. Going into rehab and having the courage to ask for help saved my life.
Twins separated at birth, meeting for the first time after one twin was automatically tagged as the other on social media, despite being on opposite sides of the country and being in closed adoptions.
Just brought this little guy home. My lady and I love the little guy, but we can't seem to land on a name. We're looking for suggestions. 😊🐶 I apologize in advance if there is a better sub where I can ask this question.

Once again, apologies if there's a better place I can ask this.
I really hope this is a sign of good things to come!! Good luck, Bam!!
A wholesome dad
And no message could've been any clearer
Brother in Law hasn't watched Breaking Bad. Had these guys try and convince him.