Got a random pill in my prescription. It’s half the thickness and labeled differently.
The remains of this hammer stuck in asphalt
Algeria, Snowed in Sahara on top of the sand, then a wind brought dust back on top of the snow.
A group of fungi growing out of the wall in my house....
Attachment for massage gun is made to look  like a finger
this off brand Pepto bismol is just called "stomach"
Bangkok subway station shows how many calories you will burn by taking the stairs
Giant espresso martini the restaurant I work at just added to the menu
The green bean size difference between the No Salt Added can and regular can.
The microwave in our hotel has oddly specific settings.
i found a gold tooth under the bed at my airbnb
My Walgreens brand Tylenol capsule is just a pill with a removable shell on either side.
The extremely uneven stairs used to reinforce firefighters proper procedure
This diner offers burgers up to 105 lbs
This bus stop is facing the wrong way.
Someone ordered a plain & dry septuple meat
Of the 69 things they tested me for, I'm allergic to 60 of them.
Our office received a pallet jack on a pallet today
Someone knitted a sweater for their car's emblem
I have an uncanny resemblance to the Freya carving at EPCOT’s stave church