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Earn by reporting illegal content
Anyone can earn by discovering and reporting content that violates tangled.com content policy. Below is a summary of the tangled.com content policy. All content is allowed on Tangled Social that does not violates United States law or United States court orders. Anyone can report content that they believe is a violation. When content is reported, an internal team reviews the content and determines whether to remove the content and penalize the content creator. When content is removed, the user that reported the content is rewarded. The following is a summary of violations: ⚠️ Criminal offense with zero tolerance include: 🔴 Child sexual abuse material 🔴 Child grooming activities Banned content that may not lead to penalization if the content is newsworthy documentation of offenses conducted by state actors or endorsed by culture: 🔴 Bestiality 🔴 Animal abuse In the cases above, the content is still subject to rules regarding making adult content available to minors. Content that is considered authentic but not newsworthy is considered glorification and is penalized. When zero tolerance violations are discovered, the content and all known information about the content creator is proactively reported to United States Federal law enforcement and international watch groups. Guilt is presumed without consideration. No effort is made to investigate the circumstances or legitimacy of offense prior to policy enforcement. ⚠️ Criminal or civil offense directed by United States court hearing notice or law enforcement report: 🟠 Cyberstalking 🟠 Identity theft 🟠 Invasion of privacy 🟠 Hate speech 🟠 Defamation 🟠 Speech integral to criminal conduct 🟠 Commercial scams & fraud A court verdict is not required to trigger the penalty. A United States court agreeing to a hearing, or law enforcement agreeing to document the reported offense is adequate. ⚠️ Violations with potentially imminent and unlawful consequences may be enforced and reported to law enforcement rapidly at the discretion of tangled.com. If you encounter these violations please contact law enforcement directly and immediately. 🟠 Incitement 🟠 True threats ⚠️ Civil offense based on receipt of a DMCA take down request or notice of trademark infringement: 🟡 Copyright & trademark infringement ⚠️ Making adult content available to minors: Adult content that does not violate United States law is permitted so long as it is accurately identified as adult-only (NSFW or NSFL) by the content creator. Adult content is characterized as, but is not limited to, adult activity, intense graphic violence, disturbing acts, victimization, intense trauma, sex or nudity. The determination of what constitutes adult content is made at the discretion of tangled.com. ➡️ Social gambling is gambling that is not conducted as a business, and that involves players who all compete on equal terms. No one can profit from organizing, setting up or running the game by taking a percentage of the wagers or charging an entrance fee. Games cannot have a built-in percentage in favor of the "house": these games include but are not limited to craps, roulette and blackjack. Social gambling requires a "bona fide social relationship" between the participants that exists outside of gambling. Players must be of legal age according to the laws in their state. Players cannot participate in states that consider social gambling illegal. Bets cannot exceed 10 million Millix. No participant can win more than a total of 100 million Millix in a 24 hours period. Gambling cannot involve "real money".
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Tangled.com users can earn by reporting content that they believe violates the tangled.com content policy.  View our profile page for a summary of content that violates the content policy and how you can earn....