Burgerfi cuts front of house staff wages below minimum wage

Recently, the state of Florida has decided to increase our minimum wage from $10/ hr to $11 / hr. 

I have also come to find out (through the grape vine) that Burgerfi has decided that since the front of house staff technically are able to make tips, they will be making their front of house FULL TIME wage $9 / hr....
Another one from last night. Swan on Eola
good morning from Sanford 🤣
God created Adam and Eve and give them a home in Central Florida.
My closeup of the Falcon Heavy
MCO TSA line this morning at 5:30 AM
Thank you to the guy who saw a woman crying in her car at Whole Foods in Altamonte Springs and gave her flowers and told its going to be okay.

My wife has become a full time caregiver for her elderly mom and had just checked her into the hospital.  She ran to WF to get some food after picking up some overnight clothes for MIL. Before she went in to WF she had a major emotional breakdown in the car and some random guy gently knocked on her window. She cracked it a few inches through her tears and he handed her some flowers (white hydrangeas from WF) and told her he saw her crying and it was...
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