When you become angry with someone for being honest with you, they may begin to conceal the truth in order to avoid displeasing you.
Noise cancelling headphone makers have yet to make a product for side-sleepers.
You know you’re old when your birth year starts being used as a flashback in movies
The generation that put 'parental advisory explicit content' stickers on music is complaining about trigger warnings.
When we're walking around a crowd of people and they cut us off or walk slower in front of us, we are usually fine with it. But once we're in a car, the entire attitude changes.
Real men aren't moved by pronouncements about what real men do or don't do.
When you really think about it, most friends are made in a classroom setting, which explains why it’s harder to make friends as an adult
Mid to late twenties is a weird age where you can still pass as a teenager but you can feel your body is falling apart with each passing day.
You can really tell who hasn’t worked in a retail/customer service job by the way they treat the workers at a store
Millions of people will die believing ponies are baby horses
Shouldn't Men use female perfume because it's made to smell good for female buyers.
Most romance you see is fueled by either loneliness, low self esteem or insecurities
You know you’re getting older when headlines no longer blame your generation for all of the problems going on.
The deodorant/cologne/perfume you use the most will be how your kids and grandkids will remember you. So choose wisely.
There's a big difference between respecting a person's right to hold a belief and respecting the belief itself.
You don’t have any proof that other people can’t read your mind.
Body parts falling asleep is your body saying connection loss, attempting to reconnect.
It must really suck for young wizards from Scotland to have to travel to London and then back to Hogwarts, located in Scotland
People who shave their heads because they are losing their hair don't get any credit for the bravery that takes.
It isn’t knowing things that makes you smart. It’s how easily you learn new things and what you do with that information.