Not bad for $20. Thanks Marshalls!
When the sneaker room is also the playroom
The wife said the boxes look stupid AF. Do you agree?
I just bought these Towelie campus 80s, any tips on keeping them clean?
My nickname has been Bagel for 14 years, and I launched my bagel business last October after a year of perfecting my recipe; these were a must.
Them “Brown boys”  really out here Eatin…😅
a shoot I did with my friend the other day featuring my Mocha 1s ☕️
Found this video on FB. Forget Kiss cam, it's all about kicks cam!
Naw cuz which of you paying $500 to look like my dad?
Not as bad as I thought🤔
Really don’t want to see this side of sneaker culture make a comeback
missing summer! these stay boxed in the cold snowy months lmao
Got the job at Footlocker to bring more balance back to the sneaker community. By balance I mean backdoor for my own personal gain.
Anyone know what type of Jordan this is?
How we feeling?
i am so sorry😭
Screw it I’ll just make my own 😂
Quick pic before my shift
Royals are always my safe go-to