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🟧 prior to promoting social ⬛ post launch ➡️ navigation 🟧 open recent feed to public 🟧 add download browser to left nav 🟧 correct phrases 🟧 better urls for pages ie. whats new = tangled.com/recent 🟩 good 404 page / empty content feed 🟩 educational modal with 'don't show again' 🟩 single input pages force cursor focus to input 🟩 persistent balance in header to encourage collapsed left nav ➡️ Mobile 🟧 youtube preview on mobile ➡️ personalization 🟧 meta data on shared tangled.com links 🟧 verification indicator (manually assigned rose color) 🟧 profile page needs count of subscribers/subscriptions, content/reactions 🟧 share profile url icon 🟧 meta data on shared tangled.com links 🟩 hover over user name is redundant, could be more interesting data 🟩 profile view counter 🟩 allow header bg color assignment option ⬛ verification from other DNS + social media pages (rose = extensive verified, purple = dns verified, blue = other verified) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NRucnDJRi8OLdP4OJ8ZQfnf-A6mjDECa2-OxNcmEv8w/edit?usp=sharing ⬛ provide structured data about yourself (hash tags, location, relationship, birthday, interests, career) that leads to recommended subscriptions ➡️ social interaction 🟧 activity stream 🟧 post to user profiles 🟧 view other users subscribers and subscriptions (ex nsfw) 🟧 add create_date to subscriber_list.php 🟩 tangled sound for payments 🟩 notification for new content in feed 🟩 visual effect for payments, subscriptions, reactions ⬛ user tag ⬛ aggregate notifications across groups ⬛ user to user messages ⬛ UI notifications ⬛ add earnings from each subscriber on subscriber_list.php ⬛ block user ➡️ content 🟥 on post success provide a link to the post that they can put on other sites 🟧 text attachment auto detect 🟧 comments to include links, youtube, autoplay gifs 🟧 content ellipse needs unsubscribe, moderate at minimum 🟧 force width for images, limit max height (80s police concert poster) 🟧 re-post other people's content to my user/group 🟧 improve nsfw toggle 🟧 upload videos 🟧 responsive: force line break on url preview between image and text 🟩 script to embed a post on another website 🟩 warn users about posting too frequently 🟩 truncate visible length of url in post plus https://www. 🟩 pay to edit post 🟩 rich text editor 🟩 items in reaction stream should link to anchor tag of comment related to reaction ⬛ poll content type where creator pays respondents ⬛ users categories content into curated feeds (nsfw, people I don't care about, sports) ⬛ content feed based on hashtags ⬛ mp3, m4a, aiff, wav file upload & audio player ⬛ schedule posts in future ⬛ users can config their own algorithm for their content feed (limit posts per source, engagement thresholds, weighted sources), design for ability to save and sell configs in marketplace ➡️ groups 🟧 edit group category and nsfw 🟧 data table group list with subscriber count, earnings, views, reactions, /balance | actions: transfer mlx, sub/unsub, go 🟩 message on create group explaining how to send millix to it 🟩 group owner gets % of content fee for posts to their groups (add to cost of posting in group) ⬛ solicit tip to group when subscribing ⬛ allow group to charge for subscription ⬛ permissions: anyone/subscribers can view, subscribers/moderators can post ⬛ post structured version of group permissions and policies ⬛ moderators ➡️ content discovery 🟧 new users are automatically subscribed to a collection of users and groups that expose them to new content: g/discovery, g/trending, g/announcement, g/tangled, g/crypto, g/moderator, g/suggestions, g/music, g/movies, @price, g/funny, g/conversation, g/news, g/goodnews, g/gadgets, g/millix, g/sports, g/deals, g/amazing, g/holidays, g/hello, g/food, g/hot, g/browser, g/search, g/mobile, g/live, g/social, g/market, g/analytics, g/nft, @coindesk, @nlw, g/ama, g/studio, g/one 🟧 hash tags 🟧 link @user & g/groups in descriptions, content and comments 🟧 feed items summarizing activities ex-nsfw of whom I subscribe (@crank404 subscribed to @danny, @crank404 commented on g/snow, @crank404 posted on g/italy) 🟩 assign a content category to a group, related groups can be presented when looking at group content 🟩 public page with list of groups (seo + easier to register new groups without collision) ➡️ boosted content ⬛ boosted content section should have a tab for trending user/group/content ➡️ search 🟧 add hash tag to search bar 🟩 log searches with no results and publish a page so people can see opportunities to provide content in demand ➡️ security ➡️ economics 🟧 review system payment amounts and wallet destinations 🟩 sponsor & tips 🟩 integrate swapland.io quick buy ⬛ cost to post for text, link, youtube, [pic, video, audio (per mb?)] ⬛ posting text with links cost more to add spam friction ➡️ referrals ⬛ empower users to send email/sms invitations ⬛ commission for buying millix from user or group page ➡️ efficiency 🟧 system payments (reactions, stipends, tips) can trigger email and sms notifications at a summary level ⬛ consider rolling up system generated ledger records, so the reaction ledger items exist for a day and then are combined into a single record for that day ⬛ tangled link shortener ➡️ legal 🟩 terms of use and privacy policy 🟩 dmca takedown form
tangled.com addresses
Tranquility at its best
There is a new content tab called Top Earnings which lists the highest earning posts in the last 24 hours.
Wishing your vacation season be loaded up with shimmers of happiness and love. Happy holidays to you and your loved ones
Nothing can pull you down in the event that you stay solid and positive all through your life.
TIP: As more people start using Tangled Social, the What's New feed will get more populated.  

Start subscribing to the people and groups you like and use the Home feed for content that is personalized for you.  We will launch trending feeds, activity logs, notifications and hash tags soon so you can discover the content that is best for you.
By default your Tangled Social account is configured to hide and mask NSFW content.  You can change this configuration in "Account -> Preferences".

🔵 Hide NSFW prevents any adult content from appearing in your feed
🔵 Mask NSFW presents the content as blurred, which you can then click to reveal
How will groups be different than users?  

🔵 Owning a group is like owning a business
🔵 Groups earn a fee when users post content to the group
🔵 Groups can be managed and moderated by multiple users...
The next feature you will notice on Tangled Social will be tabs on the top of Home & What's New feeds that make it easier for new users to discover content:

- Content from your subscriptions
- New content across the entire network
- Top content by earnings...
These are the only tasks remaining until we open Tangled Social access to anyone.  Should be this week.

🟥 Ability to deposit/withdrawal millix
🟥 Generate address for pre-registered users without an address
🟥 Fix upload image from iPhone...
FYI - Only 25 people have access to Tangled Social at the moment.  We are inviting another 20 users on Monday, November 28th to continue the gradual launch.  There are approximately 5,000 pre-registered users waiting for access and that number is constantly growing.
This is the start of the Tangled social, I have been  waiting for this for  a  very very very long time.

Want to learn my greatest skill?!??
yo momma's so fat, when she skips a meal the stock market drops
These word pyramids were a bit of an accident.  I was writing documentation to describe high level features of Tangled products, and it became easier to note what they weren't instead of what they would be.  The team thought they were cool.   From there @danny and I got the idea to use them as teaser videos and he did the animation and music.