"In Event of Moon Disaster" - What the notoriously chilling speech about Apollo 11 mission failure might have sounded like, if read by President Nixon. Recreated with voice synthesis.
Chinese astronauts celebrate Lunar / Chinese New Year on the "Tiangong" Space Station
England and Ireland on a rare clear day

Credit to Expedition 67 Crew this is a beautiful photo of the two Islands showing contrasting colours of various land cover types.
I cross stitched the Carina Nebula, one of the first JWST images!
My sharpest moon image with over 100000 frames combined.
Take a trip into orbit and experience life on board the International Space Station! Learn how to move and work in zero-gravity using your controllers. Dock a space capsule, take a spacewalk, and let real NASA astronauts guide you on the ISS through informative videos and images…
Recently we bought a Meta Quest 2. I have to say, the Mission: ISS is an amazing simulation. It’s crazy how detailed everything is. If you have an opportunity to check it out, you definitely should!...
Caught the Falcon Heavy second stage separation and ignition on my flight. We were over the Turks and Caicos Islands at 34,000’. One of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.
Ireland seen from the International Space Station
Ummmm why?
LIVE SapceX attempts to launche a Falcon Heavy and land two boosters back on land…
For 134 years astronomers have been taking photos of the andromeda galaxy, but none have ever captured this newly discovered nebula hidden in plain sight right next to the galaxy!
Where the Elements Came From. Astronomy Picture of the Day.
I pointed my backyard telescope into deep space and took pictures of this tiny patch of sky for 32 hours to reveal galaxies at mind-boggling distances … millions to billions of light years away.
Pixel art I drew: "Everyone you knew, everyone you loved is here."
Astronomers Pierre Kervella and Dr. Bernd Freytag used data gathered over 7 years to create this animation of what Betelgeuse might look like, due to the very low density of red super giants, fluctuations inside cause material to be flung out millions of miles before eventually falling back.