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Are you an NFT artist, musician, photographer, producer, model, comedian or creative content maker? We want to help promote your work on Tangled.com! Content creators that sign with Tangled Studios get verified accounts, promotional budgets to grow their audience, featured exposure throughout Tangled Social and performance payments.
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CF Moto 400NK I Europe - Asia I Maiden Tower I SJ8 PRO I Zoom H1N [ 4K ]
This is a Reggae/Punk track that came out a few months ago.
I worked with Ire-Sunset on this one.

Provided to YouTube by MadLabMusic...
This track was produced by Elzio and performed by me [Lil Hooligan].
I release 5 - 12 track a month and had 20,000 NEW listeners in the last year on Spotify alone.
Started this project in November 2021 but was only started releasing monthly from March 2022.
I also make music reaction videos and other relevant content, riots ect. 
Studied music & music tech in Reading UK....
how do I sign with Tangled Studios?>
I Create NFT's Of My Music Artwork, i Release Something Each Month.