watch recommendations?

Any recommendations on wrist watches that's water resistant and have an accurate compass? Battery or solar powered?
How do you keep mice and bears away from your cabin when you're away?

My house is in the forest and it's a stone cabin. I left for a month and came back to find my roof broken by a small bear and a mice infestation that ate through some food and chewed through my nice bags. I stored most of my food in a metal container so that was ok but I'm curious to know how to keep animals from invading your house every time you're out. Is there some electric device I can turn on and leave?
Wasted Flint-- A Late Night Thought About Disposable Lighters

Anyone ever keep thumb flicking a Bic lighter that's out of fuel feverishly only to give up and toss it away in regular life situations, like on the couch,  and then think 'that thing could save my life in the right situation'?

Hell. The amount of flint and striking wheels that are in landfills not helping anyone....
Scents that attract, scents that deter

Recently I read about the killer whales that are killing great white sharks, and apparently this drives the other sharks away because there is something in the killed shark that scares the other sharks away just as blood in the water attracts them. No word about the ingredient or ingredients yet, but what about land animals?  Something strong like Vicks Vapor Rub.... is there a scent that drives animals away?  I've used scent lure for trapping and we've used various things for mice and rats, but what about a scent or scent that would send a...
I have AGS  so what should I try to find in a survival scenario?
You are on a deserted island.

You can bring one thing with you but it cannot be any of the following: guns, technology, or vehicles. You must survive three years, what do you bring? By technology I mean electronics. should have made that clearer.
Survival Journal

I hope this is allowed. Basically, I’m making a “survival journal” with recipes for food and skills that are more complicated. Obviously things like building a fire are just memory, but what are some things you’d include for a journal? Things that are harder to remember, but still vital to know. Recipes? How-tos? First aid? Herbal remedies? 

Any suggestions?
Self-Assemble Tents

Are self-assembly/pop-up tents a good option for a survival scenario? I currently own a BEEYEO pop-up for my every day camping, and I've loved it's convenience so far, but is a pop-up viable for long-term outdoor survival?
Is making soup or broth the best way of extracting calories from tiny game

I've been in places where the ONLY game has been tiny... garter snakes, frogs, minnows, small birds, squirrels... didn't even see a rabbit/hare all day much less any deer.   If those tiny game are the only thing you can catch, is it better (after removing feathers/fur) to just stick roast them and eat them or should one spend the extra time and put them in a pot with some water and boil them for a couple of hours to get the most calories?

(and yes, I know the difficulty of catching smart squirrels and...
Looking for survival instructor advice

My child is about to graduate high school and really wants to do nothing but live and teach survival skills.  We are looking for advice on what we can do to make this a career path for them. I’m thinking they might try to get a bachelor in outdoor education with a minor in business (in case they want to open their own school). And it looks like there are certifications (sigma III) in Branson Mo looks promising.  I don’t live this life but want to do everything possible to help them achieve the goal. The school counselor is not supportive. Has anyone...
Any good/real survival living YouTube channels?

Hello there! I'm very new to learning about survival living tips and tricks and was looking for a good YouTube channel to teach me accurately how it works and how to do it. Several people have told me that most survival YouTube channels are faked and they do things behind the scenes to make things easier and I was wondering if anybody knew of any good channels that you know is 100% real?
What pistol to buy for dispersed camping?

Just passed my firearms safety test and i can now legally buy a gun, i want one to take with me in long hikes out into the mountains where i like to camp, here in california bears arent a huge worry, but mountain lions are, so my first instinct is to get a 9mm caliber, hopefully compact and light enough to not bulk up my loadout since i like to hike far out and often up hill

andy thoughts?
What do y’all think is the best survival gun set up?

I’m thinking of getting a .22 pistol with a silencer and a scope. I think this would be a damn fine survival set up for high speed invisible survival. It is lightweight and could pack into an ultra runner bag so you could just trot off into the mountains, bag a couple grouse, squirrels, rabbits for dinner and keep moving. At close range you could take small deer with head shots as well. The .22 is quiet even before the suppressor and ammo is so cheap and small you can really load up.
You living ?

On some real thoughts you’re camping and come across a grizzly bear. You have no gun, what are you doing ???
Hunting/Survival/Bushcraft Fixed Blade. Budget is around $50 min to $200 max. What are your suggestions?

Looking for a blade that will be getting most of its use for hunting yet still rugged enough for shituations. Currently looking at Ka-Bar Becker BK2 or BK16, Gerber StrongArm or LMF II, Esee 4,5, or 6, and the Tops Fieldcraft. Scout carry is a plus.
First Aid Kit


I am looking for a recommendation on where to buy the supplies maybe a "refill kit" for first aid. I have a container I want to repurpose for a first aid kit for everyday life/work. I work for UPS and am interested in having a kit ready in my backpack for when I am both on the road and in the building for small emergencies. Anyone knowledgeable and that can point me in the right direction would be much appreciated.
Water purifier straws.

Does anyone have any experience with the Membrane brand water purification straws on Amazon?   I’ve got a gift card and thought they were a good deal.
Dental problems

I just got a tooth that was infected pulled,    How would you address this in a survival situation when you are by yourself and don’t have access to a dentist? 🦷
I wanna start getting into survival and bushcraft, but I have no clue were to start. I already own the SAS survival guide. But there is so much to it I have no clue. I also don't live in a area/country were I can really train. Anyone got some tips like books/workshops/guides ect? Much appreciated.
Personal Survival Kit recommendations?

Wanting to build personal survival kit recommendations for winter conditions. (Can fit in fanny pack)

Enough to get by in harsh conditions in Northern Idaho/ Western Montana....