incredible shot of phra buddha ket mongkhon in bangkok
I'm a Thai who move to the US for 2 years, but now I just wanna go back home.

I came here looking for new experiences and new opportunities, but with each passing day, I miss my home more and more. Not saying the US is bad, it has it pros and cons but it's just doesn't feel right. I don't go out at night anymore, people are way less friendly, but man the money here is so good. Just gonna be saving my money to go back to my friends and family in the next few years. (Sorry just need to vent)
Thailand will never stop surprising us
7-11 the hidden gem of every square inch of Thailand. Tourists don’t even know about this store 😱
Buakaw punch vs Thai woman slap
From the government's spokesperson: all incoming travelers aged 18 and above must show proof of vaccination or certificate of recovery starting at 8 AM on January 9
River market, Bangkok 1967
Saw these cool dudes while on a run in Lumphini Park this morning
Told the Starbucks in Samui that my name is Peter
I'm Thai, living in Bangkok but this is the first time I go to Chiang Rai. Nice views and the air pollution is better than Bangkok.