Does anyone know what or where this toy came from? My brother and I always thought it was Jafar from Aladdin’s throne, but I can’t seem to find any info on it.
What was this called?

I loved this as a kid
i made a jacket from worm on a string toys
Chewbecky the forgotten sister
What is this toy/container from around 1975?
Does anyone remember this weird house toy with a pixel girl in it? I just had a flashback to it today, I remember you could ask it questions.
A holiday classic
Eeyore is very displeased with the goodwill sticker.
My deluxe Pizza the Hutt
You idiot you captured your stunt double !!
Battle Ravaged Spider-Man
Spaceballs the comb the toys
Found this in my loft

Found this old toy while clearing the loft out
unreleased sonic 3 happy meal toy
My Pet Monsters. 1986 2001
Dinner for Breakfast, Anyone?
my huge Naruto toy collection
Knight of the magical light, his hologram still works!
From Grandma's Basement: 1979 Mego Corp Batmobile w/ Figures in Box
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