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Estonia supported Ukraine more boldly than many...

Now there's a lot of talk about Estonia handing over to Ukraine almost all of their 155mm FH-70 howitzers.  This is indeed a very revealing step, and it's not only that the Estonians so selflessly support the Ukrainians.  Everything is much more serious here.

Estonia had only 24 FH-70 howitzers, and the first of them ended up in Ukraine in May 2022.  But, much earlier, in March, Estonia gave Ukraine the first batch of 122mm D-30 howitzers, of which the country had only 42. Now, almost all of them are in service with the...
Czech Republic has a new president - Petr Pavel - former Chairman of the NATO Military Committee - increase in support of Ukraine expected
Clip showing the effects of a TOW 2B  vs a Russian T-72 tank
A smartphone saved this soldier's life by stopping a 7.62 bullet
This image of president Zelensky’s face while visiting Bucha says it all.
Residential building in Saltivka, Kharkiv. Most densely populated district on the north of Kharkiv
Wagner unit of 1000 loses 980 mercenaries, only 20 survive.


If this report is accurate the % of losses by Russia is truly staggering.
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Ukrainian tractor taking a Russian MT-LB.
Polish volunteer soldier with two Russian POW's on the Bakhmut front
Russia places anti-aircraft missile and artillery complex Pantsir-S1 on the rooftop of ministry of defense in moscow.
How much each individual American 🇺🇸 is paying for Ukraine 🇺🇦 War 💸
Oleksiy Zelenskyi, who was partially deaf, and his son Mykyta, who was nearly a year old, died on January 14 in Dnipro. Only Oleksyi's wife survived. Mykyta's first birthday would have been on January 29. Art by Olga Wilson.
This huge 500kg russian bomb fell on a residential building in Chernihiv and didn't explode in March 2022
source: https://www.reddit.com/r/interestingasfuck/comments/t88ryu/this_huge_500kg_russian_bomb_fell_on_a/...
Grieving granddad in Dnipro shows a video of his one-year-old grandson: “This little child is still lying under the rubble”.