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Kresna is a Javanese puppet figure who represents the philosophy of Memayu Hayuning Bawana. The concept represents Javanese human thought as a creature of God who must live by maintaining harmony and salvation in the world. The task of Kresna as a guardian of order in the world is solely because he is the incarnation of Batara Wisnu, the god of welfare.
Prabu Kresna was born from the marriage of Prabu Basudewa, King Mandurapura and Dewi Mahendra. Narayana (young nickname Kresna) since young is indeed known as a person who likes to philosophy and study to achieve virtue.
Although the son of a big king, he has never lived in the palace (kingdom) since childhood. His figure is very close to the small people such as traders and farmers.
As the incarnation of Batara Wisnu, Kresna has some of the power that Dewa has. He has a quarreling ability, which is transformed into a big giant figure, Brahalasewu. In Javanese, Brahala means 'bad' or 'ugly', sewu means 'one thousand'. Brahalasewu is described as a giant ugly figure who has a thousand heads and many hands holding various kinds of weapons.
Triwikrama will only appear when angkara is angry and crime has controlled the world, and when Kresna's anger has reached its peak. The ability of Kresna to become a giant figure similar to the Hulk character, a human who can turn the form into a green giant mutant when anger peaked in the sequel made by Marvel.
The brother of Dewi Sumbadra also has a heirloom that is also owned by Batara Wisnu. Kresna has the Baskara Chakra, a weapon like an arrow whose ends are jagged. In addition, he can also turn on people who have died with Wijayakusuma Cangk Heritage.
Those are some puppet characters who have characters and strengths like superheroes depicted by the Western world. Apart from whether or not the puppet characters are appropriate if aligned with today's superhero figures, it is fitting for us, especially the younger generation to preserve ancestral culture.
Creative ideas can emerge from "home" (read: culture) itself. We already have a source of knowledge derived from the imaginative noble thinking of the previous generation. Everything returns again about how we treat our own culture to be preserved and developed.