‘Big move brewing’ for BTC price? Bitcoin may stay flat, hints analyst

The Bitcoin Bollinger Band “squeeze” is not a firm indicator of a breakout, says the metric’s creator.

Bitcoin traders are desperate for fresh BTC price volatility, but opinions are diverging on when it will come.

BTC/USD is currently seeing some of the least volatile conditions in its history, price metrics show.

Volatility far from guaranteed
Since the FTX crisis, Bitcoin has settled into a historically narrow trading range which refuses to budge.

Despite macro triggers, low-volume holiday trading and a yearly candle close, BTC price action has stuck rigidly to a zone focused on $17,000.

This is the least volatile period in the history of the Bitcoin historical volatility index (BVOL), and other data likewise shows that such sideways behavior is extremely rare.

Two months after FTX, traders and analysts alike are hotly debating when the breakout will come for BTC/USD — and in which direction it will go.

“A big move is brewing for Bitcoin,” Charles Edwards, founder and CEO of asset manager Capriole Investments, stated on Jan. 5

Full Article: https://cointelegraph.com/news/big-move-brewing-for-btc-price-bitcoin-may-stay-flat-hints-analyst

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