My toddler found one
found two hundred paces apart while elk hunting in Oregon
This metal thing inside another metal thing at my work
Wait for it...
Lamp shade in a box
The new truck fits perfectly through the garage door!
Not OC but too perfect not to share. Something you don’t see every day
They way my pills fit in the bottom of the bottle
He has driven here before
Yeti Magslider lid creates watertight seal in the drain of my sink
Pythagorean Boy
Credit u/HappyEnding89
This table connector….thought you guys might enjoy it
Wine glass 🤝 coffee cup
I lost my ring at the workshop, found it days later in one of our grip mats
Satisfying office desk
The coin holder from the dodge charger fits perfectly in the Toyota Prius.
Calcifers mask
Does this count?!?!?
Couldn’t believe my luck when trying to vacuum here