browser overview

internet browsers are the surveillance economic gateway to the world.
the tangled browser is the next generation attack vector economy.
transforming your computer into a peephole passive income.
sharing your activity with the highest bidder no one.
monetizing your personal data computing power.
delivering everything permitted by big brother.
you've become the product engine.
constantly giving earning.
pay me, internet.


the tangled browser is an internet browser that extends the millix economy to every page on the internet and allows users to earn from transaction fees and advertisement payments.


the tangled browser is based on the open source version of google chrome called chromium. the tangled browser is similar to google chrome with one exception: no personal data or browsing history is shared or stored on the network. the tangled browser does not collect or compile data about its users. users do not have to register an account with or any other centralized service or corporation.

the only identifying data shared from the tangled browser is the ip address for networking, and a millix address for receiving payments.

using millix

when you install the tangled browser, a millix payment address is generated and your computer connects to the millix cryptocurrency network. within a few minutes, you will receive a small millix payment that indicates you are online. when you receive the payment, the browser plays a sound to inform you of the transaction.

a millix logo appears on the top, right-hand side of the browser. clicking this icon loads the millix user interface in the browser. the millix user interface allows you to see your millix addresses for receiving payments, your millix balance, a list of your transactions and a log of millix network activity that your computer is performing in the background.

you can see your millix balance on the upper left hand side of the browser at all times. the balance updates in real time as you earn, send and receive millix payments.

millix is the reserve currency for all tangled services. millix can be bought and sold on and click here to learn more about how the millix cryptocurrency works. 

earn overview

the earning features described below are optional and voluntary for tangled browser users. the tangled browser includes everything needed to take advantage of the features below; each feature can be configured or disabled. as long as the browser is running and the features are enabled, you are eligible to earn.

no cryptocurrency or computer expertise is required to take advantage of the features described below. everything needed to participate and benefit from the features below is built-in to the tangled browser and happens in the background.

earn from the millix network

the desktop version of the tangled browser operates as a node on the millix network. millix nodes earn transaction fees.

unlike blockchain based cryptocurrencies, millix is not mined. millix transactions are independently verified by nodes on the millix network that collaborate with other nodes to examine the validity of the funding sources used by the transactions. the millix transaction verification process is energy efficient and can function on very low power computer devices. any computer running linux, windows or osx is capable of operating as a millix node and earning transaction fees.

the tangled browser uses small amounts of computing resources in the background to verify transactions and store transaction data from the millix network. when someone sends a millix payment, they include a transaction fee to the network for broadcasting, processing and storing the transaction. tangled browser users earn millix transaction fees as long as the browser is open and the millix node is enabled to run.

this feature is currently available to all tangled browser users.

tangled search is a peer-to-peer search engine that decentralizes content crawling and storage, search result rankings, and economics. unlike traditional search engines that store an index of the internet and users' private search history in corporate data centers for profit, tangled search distributes small fragments of an internet index on the computers running the tangled browser.

tangled browsers that are configured to earn from tangled search connect to each other to form a peer-to-peer network. this peer-to-peer network acts like a worldwide supercomputer. each computer on the network processes and stores a small fragment of the internet. combined together, the tangled browser network stores enough data to power a complete search engine. the power of the network increases with each additional installation of the tangled browser.

search requests are submitted to the network of tangled browsers. each tangled browser acts as a search node. each search node queries their local database for internet pages that match the search request and returns raw results to the searcher. the searcher's computer filters and sorts the raw results using personalized preferences and biases, instead of being at the mercy of a centralized search engine's preferences and biases.

the tangled browser is able to operate as a node on the tangled search engine. each time a search request is submitted to tangled search, there is an opportunity for each tangled browser to respond with matching data. each time a tangled browser responds to a search, it has an opportunity to be paid for it's service. to read more about the architecture and economics of tangled search,  click here.

this feature is currently in the beta test phase. if you would like to participate as a tangled beta tester, click here.

earn from tangled social

tangled social reinvents social media by creating an economy based on community, content, and social interaction. tangled social users post content that earn from other users, advertisers and investors.

tangled social is integrated with the tangled browser to enhance the experience and to provide additional earning opportunities. for example, all active tangled social users receive frequent stimulus payments. tangled browser users receive larger stimulus payments than users on traditional browsers.

the tangled browser recognizes urls prefixed with tangled:// as searches, users, pages or hash tags on as tangled social evolves, additional features will be released specifically to benefit tangled browser users.

click here to learn more about tangled social. this feature is currently in the beta test phase. if you would like to participate as a tangled beta tester, click here.

earn from advertisers

the tangled browser contains an area below the url called the promotion zone. advertisements from the tangled advertising network appear in this area. advertisers send direct payments to tangled browser users when their advertisement is presented to the user.

click here to learn more about tangled advertising. this feature is currently in the beta test phase. if you would like to participate as a tangled beta tester, click here.

censorship resistant

the millix cryptocurrency is designed to be able to store large amounts of data within transactions. this data can be retrieved from the network as needed. this data can contain web page content. in addition, a domain name service (DNS) called millix network services is being built to run on top of the millix cryptocurrency. this allows a url like millix://cats to resolve to any server and load content within the browser without relying on centralized domain registrars like GoDaddy, centralized data centers like AWS or state regulated top level domains such as .com.

the tangled browser is designed with millix network services in mind to allow access to decentralized content that is only found on the millix network.

this feature is currently in the beta test phase. if you would like to participate as a tangled beta tester   click here.

tangled browser header

the tangled browser header is located between the url and the content of the web page being viewed.

many activities performed in the tangled browser involve sending and receiving payments. the tangled browser connects to the millix cryptocurrency network and announces a millix address to receive payments. if the millix service is not running or if no millix wallet is active in the browser, the tangled browser header is hidden, as no financial activities or data are available unless there is an address to receive payments to. in this case, the user is taken to the millix "manage wallets" page to unlock or import an existing millix wallet, or to create a new millix wallet. when the browser connects to a millix wallet, the tangled browser header appears.

the header is divided into two zones: the millix zone and the promotion zone.

the millix zone contains the user's available millix balance and pending balance. the millix zone can be expanded to show additional information about the millix operations in the background. when the millix zone is expanded the promotion zone is hidden and the user is not eligible to receive payments from advertisers.

the promotion zone shows ads from the tangled advertiser network that are targeted to a previous search phrase, location, language or based on the content of the web page being viewed. when the promotion zone is visible, the user is eligible to receive payments from each advertiser that appears. click here to learn more about how advertising works on the tangled advertiser network.

viewing ads

when a user opens the tangled browser, a request is made to the advertiser network for a mixture of ads based on language, location, and previous searches. the collection of ads is stored locally and available to be displayed for a period of time called an epoch. during each epoch, a rotation of ads are presented to the user. the first time an ad is presented to the user, the user receives a micro payment from the advertiser via the advertisement settlement process.

the tangled browser uses a variety of tools to determine how many new ads are presented to each user per day. this is accomplished by adjusting the time duration of each epoch and adjusting the frequency that previously viewed ads are replaced with unseen ads. these tools and methods add complexity and expense to users intentionally trying to gain an advantage over advertisers.

the diagram below shows blue ads in the advertising queue waiting to be presented to the user. as green ads are presented and the user is paid from advertisers, they are replaced with new ads from different advertisers.

filtering ads

each ad is accompanied by an icon that allows the user to block future ads from a particular advertiser, for a particular domain, or in a particular advertisement category. by default, advertisements categorized as pornographic, dating, alcohol, nicotine, gambling and recreational drugs are opt-in only.


the tangled browser supports extensions available in the google chrome store.